Times Square Prohibition Pub Crawl 

Join a pub crawl at the Crossworlds of the World and learn about Prohibition and it’s effects on world-famous Times Square.  In 1910‘s, Times Square was the new entertainment center of New York.  The legitimate theater industry was moving in.  Fancy restaurants called lobster palaces were in vogue.  Illegal casinos would be opening up. Prostitution would spill north from the Tenderloin district.  And then the most dramatic change would occur–-Prohibition.  On this three-hour pub crawl, see the locations of where New York’s underworld held court during the Great Experiment.  Visit a hotel dubbed the Country Club of 42nd Street that closed due to Prohibition.   Gain entrance to a speakeasy on the famous Club Row.   Drink where the Broadway stars and fans had dined for a generation.  Hit a swanky bar located in a famous Art Deco hotel.   Step into a famous deli where a visionary gangster funded the vice that made Times Square the epicenter of 1920’s New York Jazz Age.   All this and more on this boozy pub crawl at the Crossroads of the World.  

6 PM to 9 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays 

2 PM to 5 PM Saturdays 


$74 (includes one complimentary cocktail not to exceed $15) 

Hell's Kitchen Prohibition Pub Crawl 

Prohibition was a unique period of time in American history.   Perhaps nowhere in New York City was this more demonstrated than in the pre-dominantly Irish neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. A journalist once asked a Hell’s Kitchen resident how many speakeasies are there in Hell’s Kitchen.  She replied “There’s more speakeasies than children and there are very easily 200 children per block.”   

On this three hour pub crawl, we will stop at three bars that were once speakeasies in Hell’s Kitchen for drinks.  Having the benefit of being next to the Hudson River, many of the early successful bootleggers in New York City were Hell’s Kitchen residents at some point in their lives either in their formative years or as adults.  They would utilize the coming and goings of ships on the Hudson River, called rum runners, to receive illicit alcohol.  We will learn about who many of these early bootleggers were, their schemes and the organization they belonged to dedicated to trafficking in the shipped alcohol.   

We will also learn of the rebels amongst these scofflaws.  Those independent-minded gangsters who often didn’t play by underworld’s rules and the consequences of their actions.  Further, we will see how Prohibition ended and how the gangsters ended—either their lives or their careers as bootleggers.   

In addition, we will learn about some more historical facts of the neighborhood including Death Avenue, Doctor’s Row, the old Paddy’s Market and more.  And, of course, you will learn why Hell’s Kitchen is called Hell’s Kitchen.  All this and more on this spirited pub crawl through Hell’s Kitchen.  

6 PM to 9 PM Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 

2 PM to 5 PM Sundays

$74 (includes one complimentary cocktail not to exceed $15) 

Edgar Allan Poe Pub Crawl

Visit the heart of New York's most haunted neighborhood, Greenwich Village, on Urban Village Tours' Greenwich Village Ghost Pub Crawl.   Learn about the most famous ghost in America, Edgar Allan Poe.  Where he lived, where he drank, where he read the Raven for the first time and even where he was treated for a head cold in Greenwich Village.   Visit easily the most haunted park in all of New York City, Washington Square Park, and learn a few grisly facts of where convicts were hung and it's history as a potter's field.   Visit the haunted townhouse where Mark Twain once lived.  Visit the Brown Building site of the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.  Visit the quaint angled street where a former New York City mayor once lived with his mistress with a speakeasy in it.   This and of course great places for drink and cheer.  Spooky and scary, spirited fun. 


6 PM to 9 PM Thursdays and Saturdays 

$74 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail or comparable drink not to exceed $15) 

West Village Ghost Pub Crawl 

Drink in the haunted bars of the West Village on Urban Village Tours' West Village Ghost Pub Crawl.  Visit the pub where a rather famous Welsh poet still haunts his favorite literary landmark.  Visit a well known West Village piano bar that has several ghosts inside residing in the restroom and basement.  Ghost hunt at the most famous New York speakeasy which used to have two entrances--one for customers the other for apparitions.   And drink in a former carriage house owned by one of the most compelling figures in all of New York history.  And meet his lovely daughter too!  All this and more on this especially spirited trek in New York's most spooky neighborhood.  Includes one complimentary cocktail.  Cheers! 


6 PM to 9 PM Mondays and Thursdays

$74 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail or comparable drink not to exceed $15) 

East Village Ghost Pub Crawl 

Enjoy a pub crawl through one of New York's most haunted neighborhoods, the East Village, on Urban Village Tours' East Village Ghost Pub Crawl.  Learn about the many ghosts and apparitions that spook some of the most finest and famous watering holes in the neighborhood including one of the oldest bars in New York City where the legendary illusionist Harry Houdini still performs tricks.  Visit the haunted Colonnade Row where Washington Irving lived and worked along side his wealthy neighbors including John Jacob Astor.   Experience the apparitions at the most haunted musueum in the city!   Enjoy a drink where a 1920's gangster is still known to make an appearence at his old speakeasy.  We will check out the hotel that is right next to a cemetery!  We will even visit a haunted firehouse!   And, of course, it wouldn't be an East Village ghost tour without meeting the famous 17th century leader of New Amsterdam at his farm house, Mr. Peter Stuyvesant.  All this and more on this spirited pub crawl.  First round's on us! 


6 PM to 9 PM Tuesdays and Sundays 

$74 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail or comparable drink not to exceed $15) 

Boozy Brunch in Central Park

Giving new meaning to boozy brunch in the Big Apple!  See Central Park while sipping Bloody Marys and Mimosas on Urban Village Tours' Central Park Bar Crawl.   Visit three bars and regale in style as we explore the southern and midsections of the world's most famous park.  Hear the amazing story of how Central Park went from a hilly and rocky squatter settlement to becoming the first urban landscaped park in American history.   See many of the early attractions landscaper Frederick Law Olmstead erected such as the Carousel, the Dairy, the Chess and Checkers House and much more.  Take a stroll on the Mall amongst the awesome collection of American Elms paving the way to the epic landscape of the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain.  See the beauty of the Ramble, a 38-acre wild garden.  Learn how a former sheep fold was transformed into one of the most famous restaurants in America.   Sip a cocktail right next to the pristine 22-acre lake amongst the paddleboats and gondolas.  All this and more in the very first New York City pub crawl within a park.  First round's on us!  Cheers! 


10 AM to 1 PM, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays 

$74 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail or comparable drink not to exceed $15) 

Times Scare! Ghost Pub Crawl 

Take a ghoulish and ghostly walk through the Crossroads of the World and wait for it...Hell's Kitchen and enjoy some craft cocktails along the way on Urban Village Tours' Times Square Ghost Pub Crawl.  See where some of the spooky ghosts reside inside some of Broadway's oldest and mysterious theaters.   Learn about the tragic story of the demise of a beautiful Ziegfeld girl.  Learn about the ghost who took a curtain call on Opening Night.  Learn about the members of the famous Round Table who still haunt the famous Algonquin Hotel.   Learn about a Broadway Theatre that has 103 ghosts!  Futher learn about some of the spooks in Hell's Kitchen including a haunted former carriage house built in the eighteenth century.  Enjoy a libation from one of New York's oldest and most haunted bars where a Confederate soldier killed in a bar fight.  And of course, enjoy premium spirits poured by top bartenders along the way.  It will be spooky scary and fun! 

$74 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail or comparable drink not to exceed $15) 


6 PM to 9 PM, Wednesdays and Fridays

Broadway Prohibition Pub Crawl 

Explore the Broadway Theater District and some of the pubs that were actual speakeasies during Prohibition on Urban Village Tours Broadway Prohibition Pub Crawl.   Your Tour Guide will help make the past come alive as you see the speakeasies that served a thirsty, theater going public.  Learn about how one of the most famous speakeasies would dispose of their spirits in the case of a police raid.   See a Victorian era hotel bar and learn how the wealthy skirted and scoffed at the laws.  See where one of Prohibition's most notorious gangsters was shot.  Relive the location where the so-called “Queen of the Speakeasies” had a couple of her nightclubs.  And see where one of the most famous early 20th century show girls tended bar.   It will be bullets over Broadway! 

$63 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail or comparable drink not to exceed $15) 


2 PM to 5 PM, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

East Village Prohibition Pub Crawl 

Join us as we drink 1920's style on this entertaining and interactive pub crawl.   You will visit several hidden bars some of which served as speakeasies during Prohibition in New York City.  Learn about the important events which led to the eventual passing of the 18th Amendment.  Hear a fascinating story of one gangster's amazing determination and fearlessness.  Learn about the history of the taverns and saloons of New York City.  Learn of the rise of the Temperance movement in American life.  Hear the stories of the beer barons, the big time criminals and the entertainers who became immeasurably wealthy due to dry laws.   And, of course, enjoy some great craft cocktails along the way.  

$63 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail or comparable drink not to exceed $12) 


2 PM to 5 PM Thursdays and Sundays

Lower East Side Prohibition Pub Crawl 

Travel back in time to the Roaring 20's as you visit several LES pubs some of which served as speakeasies during Prohibition.  Learn about whom some of the brazen nightclub owners were at that time including the so-called “Queen of the Speakeasies” who would woo thirsty denizens into her clubs. Learn about the many gangsters who became immeasurably wealthy due to their scofflaw tactics including Lower East Siders Charles “Lucky” Luciano and Meyer Lansky. Learn about the first Catholic presidential candidate and his plan to end Prohibition if elected. And learn about the movement to ultimately end the Eighteenth Amendment with the Twenty First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  All the while, you can sip on craft cocktails with nary a hint of scandal. 


$74 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail not to exceed $15)  

6 PM to 9 PM Mondays & Saturdays

West Village Prohibition Pub Crawl

Discover the hidden booze-filled under belly of Greenwich Village with the Greenwich Village Pub Crawl.  Explore this world famous neighborhood, known for it's bucolic setting and bohemian history.  You will enter into what is the most famous speakeasy of them all.  Learn about the major figures of the day who distributed alcohol clandestinely throughout the city.  Learn about the "Queen of the Speakeasies" who would woo thirsty denizens into her nightclubs.  All this while sipping on craft cocktails with nary a hint of scandal.  

$74 (includes one complimentary craft cocktail not to exceed $15) 

2 PM to 5 PM, Mondays and Fridays

Gangster Mob Prohibition Pub Crawl 

Come relive the past in Little Italy on this three hour exciting Gangster Prohibition Pub Crawl Tour.  In 1920, the United States created the 18th amendment to the Constitution which banned liquor production, public consumption and the selling of anything alcoholic.  This catapulted the criminal world and helped the gangsters monopolize and grow their illegal business of alcohol.  It made some of the most vicious gangsters gain fortune and fame. Illegal bars known as speakeasies opened by the tens of thousands all over the country and  served bootleg liquor to the thirsty public. When something is illegal it creates an underworld that will stop at nothing. As Al Capone said "All I do is supply a public demand." 

On this tour you will walk in the footsteps of the gangsters and visit some of the watering holes that served illegal liquor during Prohibition.  There you can sip a craft cocktail served by some of the top bartenders in New York. 


While sipping on your now "legal" alcoholic beverage you will hear stories of the Mafia and how it infiltrated into society. We will stop at three to four pubs which were “speakeasies”. By the end of the tour you will be a "wiseguy" about Prohibition and the mob. 

$74 per person (includes one complimentary cocktail not to exceed $15 in value) 

10 AM to 1 PM Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. 

Private Pub Crawl 

Take any of our Pub Crawls privately for you and your party on any day or evening.    

$295 from 1 to 6 people ($65 additional person).  Contact our office to inquire about private pub crawls.  

Must be 21 or over to go on pub crawl. 
Price includes one drink (value up to $12.00).