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King of All Queens Tour 

The King of All Queens Tour shows you that New York City's largest borough is more than just airports.  See the location where religious liberty began in North America. See the oldest colonial house still standing in New York City.  See where silent movies were produced pre-Hollywood all from the comfort of a climate-controlled motor coach.

$69 per person 

Prohibition Pub Vehicle Tour 

Not your ordinary pub crawl.  Join us as we drink 1920's style, as you visit several establishments that served as speakeasies during Prohibition in New York City in the comfort of a vehicle to shuttle you between historic pubs.  Learn how alcohol was distributed clandestinely throughout the city. 

And learn who the major figures were in keeping drinkers cups full in this interesting part of American history.   Cover more ground in multiple neighborhoods.  

coming soon 

Delicatessen Tour 

Nosh on some of the best dishes at some very famous New York kosher-style delis on this walking tour that will take you through several Manhattan neighborhoods. Sample variety of venerable classic deli dishes like pastrami on rye, knishes, kugel, potato pancakes and pickles.

$74 per person 

Central Park Walking Tour

Take a wonderful two hour stroll through America's most famous urban park. Experience the wonderment as you walk amongst the flora and fauna and view the iconic sites such as the ice skating rink that appeared in the movie Serendipity, the iconic Bethesda Fountain in Angels in America and the bridge seen in the snowball fight in Elf. 

$40 per person 

Harlem Walking Tour 

World-famous Harlem is the cultural capitol of Black America.  On this two hour walking tour see and learn what makes Harlem such a vibrant, diverse and historical place for so many people.   Learn about the Harlem Renaissance and visit the locations of many of the cherished and storied jazz clubs like the Cotton Club, Smalls Paradise and Red Rooster.  See the Apollo Theater and learn about the legends who performed there.  And see where so much important modern American history transpired that shaped the Civil Rights Era for African-Americans and others.  

$40 per person 

SoHo Walking Tour

SoHo is one of the more remarkable neighborhoods in New York City.   Filled with history, SoHo used to be the theater district pre-Broadway, it used to be the Garment District before Fashion Avenue and the red light district pre-Times Square. There exist many tales of the rich, famous, infamous, rags-to-riches and outright bizarre.  In this two hour walking tour,  you will learn about many of the dynamic stories of SoHo. Also, you'll see the wonderful architecture of the neighborhood that survived all these years to the present.  Finally, you'll end your sojourn at one of SoHo's great eateries. You will want to make SoHo part of your NYC itinerary.
$40 per person 

Fifth Avenue Walking Tour 

Fifth Avenue is the "Main Street" of New York City.  It's addresses are legendary.  It's equation with shopping, wealth and society are well-known.  On this two hour stroll down Fifth Avenue, you'll learn about some of the events in the city's history that contributed to Fifth Avenue becoming New York City's marquee street.  Visit the famous churches, department stores, institutions that make up the mystique of Fifth Avenue.  Hear about the stories of the blue-bloods like the Astors, the Vanderbilts and the Gilded Age.  Learn of the murder on top of Madison Square Garden and the subsequent "Trial of the Century".  See where the ghost of Mark Twain resides and much more.  

$40 per person 

History of Tennis in New York Tour

Urban Village Tours History of Tennis in New York tour will appeal to all as we explore some of the sites and neighborhoods associated with the growth of the sport as we know it today. Stops include the location of the very first tennis court played on in the United States, the first indoor tennis court built in the United States, the locations of the country clubs that hosted some of the earliest tournaments and the New York society were members and much more.  This tour will use multiple modes of transportation including ferry, subway, and a passenger vehicle. There will also be some walking involved.


U.S. Open Escort

Let Urban Village Tours escort your party to one of pro tennis' most prestigious events, the U.S. Open.  We'll get the tickets, provide transportation provide a tour if requested from your hotel to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.  

$59 per person

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