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Times Square Prohibition Pub Crawl 

Join a pub crawl at the Crossroads of the World and learn about Prohibition and it’s effects on world-famous Times Square.  In 1910‘s, Times Square was the new entertainment center of New York.  The legitimate theater industry was moving in.  Fancy restaurants called lobster palaces were in vogue.  Illegal casinos would be opening up. Prostitution would spill north from the Tenderloin district.  And then the most dramatic change would occur–-Prohibition.  On this walking tour see the locations of where New York’s underworld held court during the Great Experiment.  Visit a hotel dubbed the Country Club of 42nd Street that closed due to Prohibition. See a speakeasy on the famous Club Row.  Drink where the Broadway stars and fans had dined for a generation.  See the location of a famous deli where a visionary gangster funded the vice that made Times Square the epicenter of 1920’s New York Jazz Age.   All this and more on this pub crawl at the Crossroads of the World.  

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