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Get On The Canna-Bus!  

Coming Soon 

Image by Grav

Introducing New York's first adult-use cannabis tour, The all-new Wacky Tabacky Tour.   The Wacky Tabacky Tour is an adult-use cannabis tour that will explore not only New York City history and culture but the history and vitality of cannabis as a medicinal herb and a recreational drug.  It plans to inform passengers of groups like the Yippies, the hippies and the counterculture of America during violate times in American history and show's the role that cannabis played in these times.   Learn about the founding of the seminal magazine High Times.  See where people like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin lived and hung out.   Meet an actual Yippie and hear the stories about their experience in the group.  

Of course get an introduction to cannabis--the different strains and the different uses for it.  

It's legal. It's wacky.  And it's now a tour.   Get on the Cannabus.   And see the high lights. 

Image by Richard T
Image by Grav

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