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Midtown East Prohibition Pub Crawl 
oscar tschirky celebrates end of prohibi

Amongst the hotels, transportation and commercial buildings of the Midtown East section of Manhattan lies a fascinating gangster history from the 1920’s and 1930’s.  On this "pub less" pub crawl through the East Side learn about the incredible history of Jazz Age era hotels, commerce, mischief and mayhem.  Learn about a modern speakeasy fashioned from a personal office inside a train terminal,  See the locations of not one but two infamous murders of mafia kingpins.   And learn the circumstances which led to their demise.  Learn about the history of one of the most famous hotels in the world and the famous gangster who actually lived at the hotel under an assumed name.   View some of the iconic modern skyscrapers which help define the East Side and learn their stories.  See a nineteenth century townhouse that was a popular speakeasy during Prohibition.  See the location of a brothel of run by the most famous madam in New York City history.  And see a Gilded Age hotel run by the wealthiest family in New York history that gave birth to the Bloody Mary.  Cheers!  

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