Harlem Prohibition Pub Crawl 

Go back in time to the golden age of Harlem when this uptown neighborhood was *the* place to be for the best nightlife in the 1920’s and 1930’s for blacks and whites, celebrities and regular folk.  It was where you would hear the best jazz, dance with the best dancers and of course drink the best booze in the whole city and never see a cop.  Join Urban Village Tours as we re-create what once was in world famous Harlem during the so-called Harlem Renaissance.  


You will also learn important African-American history and culture in the “Cultural Capitol of Black America”.  Learn about the stories of two African-American heroes who sought refuge in New York—Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman.   Also learn about the 20th century Great Migration as tens of thousands of poor Black folk from the South arrived in Harlem with dreams, ambitions and hope.  


Learn the amazing history of how the Black community of New York made their way uptown after years of racism, race riots and discrimination and created a cultural metropolis second to none. Learn about the important leaders who shaped Harlem often controversially. 

Learn what the black community of Harlem did to cope with poverty, lack of jobs and over-crowdedness during Prohibition.  Learn the advent of the rent party and engaging in the black market during Prohibition.   


You’ll hear all about the music, the poetry, the paintings, the dances, the politics and the stories of what put Harlem on the map during this time between the wars.  Who were these artists like Langston Hughes, James Reese Europe and Willie “The Lion” Smith?  Learn about their lives.  

See where the famous nightclubs in Harlem were located—Connie’s Inn, the Lafayette Theater, Small’s Paradise, the Alhambra Ballroom and more.   And conclude the tour walking through the Original Swing Street where many great stars went to see future stars perform including the venerable Billie Holiday.   


And of course enjoy some libations along the way as we stop at several speakeasies—with nary a hint of scandal—along the way.