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The eVil Sublet Ghost Tour

The official eVil Sublet Ghost Tour is up and running in advance of it's release to raise funds for post-production of the picture.  

This ghost pub crawl* is through the neighborhood where the eVil Sublet is located, the historic East Village.  On this tour, you will learn about the many ghosts and apparitions that spook some of the watering holes in the neighborhood.  Step inside one of New York's City's oldest bars and see where Harry Houdini still performs tricks.  Check out a fancy hotel bar that is right next to and on top of a cemetery!  Visit the oldest non-sectarian cemetery in the city.   Hear the story of a Brazilian showgirl and her gangster boyfriend who still spook his old speakeasy.   Learn of the famous 17th century leader of New Amsterdam at his farm house.  And of course it wouldn't be an eVil Sublet tour without visiting the haunted building where the eVil Sublet stands.  All this and more for eVil Sublet donors.  

*Alcohol is sold separately 

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