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Central Park Tours  

Bicycle Tour of Central Park

Central Park Vintage Bicycle Tour.jpg

See Central Park in a timely fashion while on a vehicle of your choosing.  It makes experiencing the park that much easier so you can enjoy your ride and concentrate on the beauty and tranquility of the Park.   We will pick up our vehicles just outside the park and travel on most of the 6.5 miles of drives to see the park from bottom to top and back again!  We will stop at strategic points along the way and tell you the detailed story of how Central Park came about from a rocky and hilly pastoral land inhabited by squatters to a landscaped urban park and one of the great works of art of the 19th century.   See the statues of the Mall, the beautiful west side skyline from the Reservoir,  walk amongst the flora and fauna of the North Woods,  see the attractions at Mid-Park like the Greek-style amphitheater and a Victorian style castle.  Capture the scenic beauty of the signature landscaped Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and the famous angel statue.  All this and more on this wonderful jaunt through one of the most famous parks in the world.  

Tour includes option for different type of vehicle for a higher price. 


Walking Tour of Lower Central Park

angel of the waters.jpg

We will walk and see the lower portion of the park.  The part of the Park that was designed having the most attractions and features for activities for all ages to enjoy.  We’ll see things off the drives of the Park such as the Hecksher Playground, Wollman Rink, the Dairy, the Mall, Bethesda Fountain, Alice in Wonderland statue at Conservatory Pond, the Belvedere Castle and much more.   We will learn the history and do a deep dive on the story of Central Park and how it became the first landscaped park in a city in American history. 

Walking Tour of Upper Central Park


We will explore the northern enchanted reaches of the park by foot capturing the pristine beauty of the more natural portion of the park where less landscaping was done when the park was constructed long ago.   We will see the lovely Conservatory Garden, walk around the Harlem Meer, explore the flora and fauna of the North Woods along with the manmade bodies of water the Loch and the Ravine, see a fort leftover from the War of 1812,  and see the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and maybe even bird watch.  All this and more on our weekly walk of the upper Central Park.  

Boozy Brunch of Central Park 

The Bar at The Central Park Casino 1936.

This is a hike through Central Park with stops for drinks along the way.   Learn the story of Central Park's beginnings along with the hidden secrets to the Park.  And no matter the weather we will be indoors half the time enjoying lovely craft cocktails from some iconic American restaurants including a picturesque setting near the Lake and a popular Belgian eatery.  

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